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Professionality . Punctuality . Quality

Company History

Our Vision & Goal

"As a Cypriot based company, we want to expand our operations overseas, with an end goal of becoming the leading provider of quality medical, Ho.Re.Ca and corporate uniforms."

And now some history...


The first steps were being taken to start building the company. 


The company was founded under the name D.Demetriou Uniformity LTD


Manufacturing Plant build in Cyprus, allowing us to provide our own tailored touch to client needs and allowed us to expand overseas in Greece


Designed and manufactured the uniforms of the athletes' greeters in the village and stadium for the 2004 Athens



Partnership with established French uniform manufacturer, allowing us to provide additional options on our clients


Partnerships with Giblors & Brook Taverner, expanding in the Corporate sector


Partnership with Codeor, allowing us to become a one-stop-shop by offering footwear

Director Words of Wisdom

"Coming back to Cyprus from Italy in the mid-80s with an engineering degree and an enthusiasm to explore the market, I noticed the uprising of the hotel industry on our island. There were great prospects and niche business opportunities deriving from this industry. I wanted to be a part of this, by focusing on corporations’ professional image, which did not seem to be up to standard. In 1987, I took the big leap, to create stylish, comfortable, practical tailored uniforms across the Ho.Re.Ca industry and thereafter expanding into the Medical and Corporate markets. Today, besides running our own local production, we have partnered with internationally recognized uniform manufacturing corporations and we are their sole distributor in Cyprus. What places us ahead of our competitors is our passion for what we do, our focus on delivering quality tailored products that meet our clients’ needs and building on reliable and fruitful partnerships."

Directors Words

Meet the Team


Demetris Demetriou

Managing Director

Founder, Managing Director & Production Quality assurance. Mr. Demetris has been here since day one driving the company forward and making the appropriate steps to grow and expand.


Alexis Demetriou

Marketing Director / Sales Associate

Social Media Analyst, Graphic Designer & Marketing Strategist. Mr. Alexis is in-charge of growing the company's online presence, to expand our reach to new audiences and potentially expanding overseas. 

In addition, he is also in charge of handling the customer support of the company and managing the clients' orders.

Our Team & Partners

Our Partners



An Italian based workwear specialist, with innovative designs and the astounding quality of uniforms, which made an excellent addition to our collections

Partner Since



Brook Taverner

A British based corporate uniform manufacturer, providing us with an exceptional quality of corporate clothing for our Hotel & Hospitality sector.

Partner Since




A Spanish based shoe manufacture which made it possible for us to be a one-stop-shop by providing shoes for our kitchen and medical professionals. 

Partner Since


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